Make An Appointment

Review Policies and Procedures
Please be sure you have reviewed all Tutoring policies here. 1-to-1 Tutoring is FREE but please note that failure to cancel an appointment up to 24 hours prior to the appointment time will result in a $15 no-show fee charged to your student account in the Bursar's office.

Online Appointment System

The Center for Academic Success's Academic Support programs, along with several other resources, rely on an online system called TutorTrac to schedule appointments.

Logging into TutorTrac:

  • TutorTrac works best when you use the most recent edition of Mozilla Firefox (click here to download Firefox for free). Internet Explorer will work, but Apple’s Safari will not.
  • It is safe. The first time you use TutorTrac, accept the security exceptions.
  1. Sign in your GT log-in and password (the same you use for Zimbra, T-Square, and Oscar).
  2. Select “Search for Availabilities."
  3. Click on the dropdown menu for “CENTER,” and select “1-to-1 Tutoring.”
  4. Select a course from the next dropdown menu.
  5. You can adjust the date range at this point, but we recommend that you leave it as it is. Next, simply click “Search.”
  6. A schedule of names, dates, and times will appear. Click on an appointment that suits your schedule to reserve your tutoring appointment.
  7. Confirm your choice; you should receive a confirmation e-mail shortly.
  8. If a course or time is NOT available for you, it may be possible to make special arrangements. Please e-mail us at and describe your request, including the course name and number as well as any other additional information.

Where To Go

Please check in at the Tutoring Reception Desk in Suite 273 in Clough Commons five minutes before your appointment is scheduled to begin. Please bring your textbook and other relevant course materials.